Dental Instruments

Dental Instruments are the tools that are used by the dentists to provide the dental treatments. It consists of tools that are used to examine, manipulate, treat, restore and remove teeth in surrounding areas. The Dental Instruments are following types:

  • Dental Mirror
  • Probes
  • Retractors
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Dental Hand Pieces
  • Dental Laser
  • Dental torch Wrench
  • Burs
  • Operative Burs

Restorative Instruments includes Excavators, Burnishes, Plungers whereas Periodontal Instruments includes fine scalers, Curettes, Prosthodontic instruments and as well as surgical instruments like Dental forceps. The Dental forceps consists of following types:

  • Cow horns
  • Upper Universals
  • Upper universal fine
  • Lower Universals
  • Upper canine
  • 6.Upper straight long
  • Upper straight short
  • Upper Right molar
  • Upper left molar
  • Root
  • Upper wisdom tooth

The functionality of Dental forceps comes under the need of pincers would do the rest of the job wiggling the tooth out of the gum until the extraction was complete. However most of the Dental forceps has not been designed for the comfort but it took the first place to remove the items from the mouth using the cotton balls which placed against to the dentist’s place of hand throughout the procedure.


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