Dental Therapeutics and Pharmacology

It gives the complete detail information about the drugs that effect the patient’s health and optimise the oral treatment by factoring the drugs they take. It includes the basic principles of Pharmacology, the ways that the drug will affect the body, and the potential for adverse drug interactions. In dentistry the therapeutics cannot do more practises when compared to the general practise. However an understanding of the dental therapeutics comes under the cornerstones of the good oral health. In the history of therapeutics there are two approaches those are a magico-religious approach and an empiric-rational approach, he magico-religious approach is based upon the belief that disease is a supernatural event and therefore should be managed by such forces, while the empiric-rational approach assumes that disease is a natural process that is best managed by a scientific approach, and evolving treatments in response to careful observation and evaluation of patient outcomes. It is this latter approach that forms the basis of current evidence-based practice. The empiric religious approach is not so new whereas come to pharmacology it is a branch of pharmaceutical science which is concerned with the study of drug or medication action, whereas drug can be broadly classified as a man-made, natural or endogenous molecule that affects the body organ or tissue, hence it is the study of the interactions between a living organism and chemicals that affect normal or abnormal biochemical function. If the substances have these medicinal properties, they are considered pharmaceuticals.


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